Victorian Conservatories

Victorian Conservatory

What is a victorian Conservatory?

The “Victorian” in Victorian Conservatory refers specifically to the predominant architectural style present in the middle to late 19th century, namely, under the reign of Queen Victoria from 1837 to 1901.

A lot of the elements that are named Victorian typically did not come prevalent in the architectural stylings of the era until later in Queen Victoria’s reign, gathering influence and attempting a revival of east asian cultural design.

The classic Victorian style of conservatory is a traditional style featuring the highly recognisable influence unique to this particular time period. Characterised by the the segmented and sub-divided panelling complete with classic brick courses to add a discernment of grandeur and outspokenness to any home.

Victorian Conservatories are available in an eclectic array of colours, stylings and finishes with a multitude of roof glazing to choose from.

Primarily, a Victorian conservatory will feature a “Steep Pitched” roof adding an illusion of space, much like adding a large mirror to a small room, and is perfect for detailing the delicately ornate designs across the roof ridge.

Typically more spacious than the Edwardian style of conservatory, Victorian Conservatories are the idillic selection for properties featuring large gardens as juxtaposition of the quaint yet striking and noticeably British design create the serene air of relaxation from the multiple window bays that frame the garden perfectly.

The Victorian conservatory is the evident option for the most traditional homes, complimenting the property’s aura and stylistic quirks perfectly in order not to appear “tacked on” or forced into the original architecture.

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