Orangeries Norfolk

Orangeries Norfolk

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Orangeries are fast becoming the most sought-after and installed conservatory types in the Norfolk conservatory market right now. The reason for this seems to be the absolute versatility of the style and being so appropriate for expanding living space within a property.

The traditional orangery originated in the 17th century and since then designers have modelled and remodelled materials, styles and shapes to an almost unrecognisable structure yet still keeping the core principles within the architecture.

From a historic perspective, and orangery was a building placed on the properties of well-to-do and influential people with the specific purpose of nurturing citrus trees not quite suited to the 17th century British weather and to avoid over wintering.

They initial orangeries were typically of Georgian influence which can be observed today even in residences as prestigious as Kensington Palace and Kew.

One of the most prominent features that sets an Orangery apart from a regular conservatory is that a traditional conservatory project will have solid roof, where as an orangery will have a inset, glazed ’Lantern Roof’ and no roof beams unlike it’s traditional counterparts.

An orangery is far and away the most versatile form of conservatory extension and may very well have any combination of masonry, woodwork and french doors or other door sets. Every orangery erection is different and the possibilities and style combinations are endless.

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