Lean-to Conservatories

Lean-to Conservatory

A ‘Lean To’ conservatory also known as a Mediterranean Conservatory is the most minimal and simplistic style of conservatory available in commercial conservatory markets.

It’s clean and deliberate lines give it a contemporary and sterile feel making them very popular with new builds and project builds, providing an understated and simple feel in keeping with new build modernity.

Wether contemporary or traditional, a lean to conservatory is the idillic selection for those attempting to make the most out of restricted space such as bungalow owners and such like.

More often than not, a lean to conservatory can be the obvious choice simply because the optimal area for building the conservatory project is difficult or awkward to access or to accommodate the conservatory.

The reason the lean to is the preferred option under the aforementioned circumstances is primarily because a lean to conservatory is malleable by nature, the pitch of the roof can be altered meaning a shallow pitch roof can fit in even the most awkward of spaces.

Lean to conservatories are also referred to as sunrooms or garden rooms and they can absolutely add a Mediterranean stroke to even the most sternly British of architectural design, trapping the late year sunlight between its panes and and directly converting it to heat for your home.

This particular type of conservatory takes its stylistic influence from south facing greenhouses with special attention paid to being the most effective way to create a sun trap, to be space efficient and is the number one choice in new build renovations at the moment.

Lean to conservatories are also the most cost-effective method of building onto a property as with one will wall already being built, it saves material costs and labour and on top of this they could even help you save on your late-year heating costs.


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